High Winds Roof Damage Repair

Here in Colorado, we have been seeing up to hurricane-force winds. Winds alone cause over $6 billion in damage each year. Here at Awalt Construction, we are constantly training our field reps to spot wind damage that can’t always be seen. We send our reps to our manufacturers to get fully up-to-date information about all roofing products and how they perform so we can give you the very best in the industry and not just what is on sale!!! We are proud to be Denver’s most TRUSTED Contractor.

Every day we are receiving calls from homeowners who are needing our help to fight the insurance companies who only want to repair or DENIED their claim from the recent windstorms. If you or someone you know needs our help, then call our trained pros today. (303) 647-4006.

Here are just some examples of what happens due to wind damage:

Granule Loss… hurricane wind exposure can result in varying degrees of granule loss. Hurricane winds can loosen the granules, potentially allowing the granules to separate from the asphalt coating and wash off of the roof.

The extent of granule loss resulting from hurricane exposure is influenced by:
• Age of the product
• Force and duration of the winds and wind-driven rain
• Type and amount of wind-borne debris
• Orientation and slope of the roof deck in relation to the wind direction
• Amount of foot traffic on the roof
• Broken Sealant Bonds… hurricane force winds can break the sealant bond which seals the shingles together.
When sealant bonds are broken, it is not likely that the shingles will re-seal without hand-sealing.

The subsequent strength of re-sealing is influenced by:
• Age of the product
• Time of year and amount of exposure to higher ambient temperatures
• Length of time before shingles are exposed to subsequent high winds
• Stress and strain on the shingles due to exposure to sustained high winds and/or deck movement
• Contamination of the sealant by dirt, debris, or other foreign substances
• The ability for shingles to lay flat

If you or someone you know has had damage to their home caused by high Winds call Awalt Construction today for a free evaluation of the damage. We will come out and do a digital analysis and present you with a damage report. If one of our professionally trained inspectors find enough damage that warrants calling your insurance company, then we will help you file your claim and even meet with the adjuster to go over all the damage that we find.